The Maison Pantry


Rs. 3,000.00

The Marhaba box is the perfect blend of spices, flavour, and aromas. Spread that hummus on your pita pockets, stuff it with falafel and top it with olives, gherkins and pickled onions. Don't forget to dip the lavash with our homemade tzatziki and the delicious cheese sambousek in the freshly made beetroot labneh! 100% vegetarian. This is the perfect special occasions box you're looking


Pita bread, falafel, corn  and cheese sambousek, beetroot labneh, classic hummus, dil tzatziki, plain lavash, beetroot lavash, grape and feta sticks, dates, figs (subject to availability), pickled onions, gherkins, olives, pickle, carrot and cucumber batons


Storage Instructions:
Keep Refrigerated


Shelf Life:
Best consumed same day


This box can be consumed cold but if you like you can deep fry the falafel and sambousek to warm and crisp up. 

Please note: Availability of fresh figs varies. We replace it with an alternative fruit incase of unavailability.